Do you love sports games? I absolutely adore them, this is probably why I am featuring Basketball Legends on the front page of my blog. Anyway, I see you are interested in my blog, you want to learn more about me, well not about me but in the blog LOL. Great, I will gladly describe in few words what it is all about, what my plans are, how can I portray myself in a couple of years, etc.

This blog is all about gaming and nothing else, we will discuss only a specific type of games – sports. Like I have said I admire sports games and I really want to build a blog that talks about this subject only. We will cover important updates, new releases(it is awesome to stay in touch with new updates), we will write more guides and articles regarding this subject, we will discuss popular and trending sports games(such as Basketball Legends for example and many more), we will probably add some sort of forum or other types of a platform where we can discuss various topics, create different threads, etc.

We have really big plans and we are looking forward to them sharing our results with all of you, it is so enjoyable to see how your work actually helps people and is useful for them. We will offer our best.

This is all good and awesome, but if you think you can contribute to our goal please don’t hesitate, join our community, send your contact details via the contact form and we will answer in no time. Right now we are looking for people who have some sort of experience in the following subjects: development, article writing, video editor, content creator, and graphic designer. I hope we can find more team members in order to start our project right away.

I am aware that our blog doesn’t seem that much of the big deal right now, but we will expand it in time, in order to not miss anything please follow our social media pages. You can find us on all major social networks, this way we will be able to notify you about new releases and updates.

Well, what else can I say, this is a gaming blog that focuses all of its energy on sports games, we have various ideas for the future and we may come with the forum as well. If you are really interested in gaming bookmark us, we won’t disappoint you for sure.